How to Obtain Interview Feedback

In the myriad of the interview process, sometimesMegaphone Man communication gets lost. Or the feedback is so convoluted that you have no real idea of what the hiring manager thought about the applicant. Or it is so unstructured that you have no idea who is the top applicant.

Enter in myStaffingPro’s hiring manager feedback form. The hiring manager feedback form can be used to:

  • Collect initial feedback on the applicant’s qualifications for a position.  The hiring manager can review the applicant’s information, provide comments, and if desired set an interview schedule.  In desired, the feedback request can be sent to multiple hiring managers, and all of the comments are stored in the applicant tracking system for future review.
  • Obtain post-interview feedback.  Post interview, a separate hiring manager feedback form can be sent to every hiring manager that interviewed the applicant.  The form can include a set of key metrics that each hiring manager uses to provide feedback on every applicant electronically.  The result is a consistent rating scale that simplifies identifying the top applicant and is integrated with the applicant tracking system.

How do you obtain interview feedback from your hiring managers?  Is there a tool in your applicant tracking system like myStaffingPro’s hiring manager feedback form?

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