Using Social Media Recruiting to Meet Your 2014 Staffing Goals

Social media recruiting is an increasingly important trend for recruiters. Social channels allow HR professionals and business owners to boost the signal on open positions, cultivate candidate pools, and simplify employee referral programs. Here are best practices for any company contemplating social recruiting campaigns.

Social media recruiting is a major trend. According to a recent survey, 92 percent of companies use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attract candidates for open positions. It’s important that companies embracing this trend incorporate best practices for hiring via social media. Successful recruiting on social media platforms requires a cohesive plan and the right technological solutions. Here is a closer look at the key areas business owners and their HR teams need to consider when unrolling a recruiting campaign on social platforms.

The benefits of social media recruiting

Companies are successfully leveraging social media to build brands, retain customers, and attract new leads. HR professionals quickly recognized the potential of recruiting on social media to achieve several goals. It’s an easy and effective addition to employee referral programs. Many firms are finding that candidate quality increases, the time to hire is shortened, and it’s easier to find qualified candidates for hard-to-fill positions.

See social media as a strategy for building talent pools

Social media offers two approaches for recruiters. The first is posting and actively recruiting for specific, open positions. The second is with social media acting as an avenue to cultivate talent pools. Depending on the industry a company is in, it’s possible to use different approaches such as industry groups on LinkedIn or fan pages on Facebook to capture the interest of its target demographic. Focus on developing relationships, creating meaningful conversations, and over time increasing engagement with the company brand. When open positions do arise, recruiters will have a deep pool of potential talent that can be tapped into to fill the spot.

Choose recruitment tools with social media integration features

Building a talent pool is a great long-term strategy for attracting candidate leads. However, social media recruiting is also an important catalyst when companies are filling immediate positions. Once a position has been posted on a company’s recruitment platform, it’s time to use social media to amplify the signal. Look for candidate and recruiting solutions that integrate with job boards, make social media sharing of specific openings as easy as a click, and enable 24/7 status application checking. The best candidates expect cutting-edge technology. Companies that deliver it enhance their brand image and improve their chances of hiring the most qualified applicants.

Prioritize LinkedIn

As the number one business oriented social media network with over 240 million active members, LinkedIn is an important source of candidates in any industry. There are several best practices that can help ensure a company’s efforts on LinkedIn are successful. Any campaign on LinkedIn begins with a completed company profile page, which at a minimum contains a description of the company and all relevant contact information. Business owners or entrepreneurs, as well as any staff that handle recruiting, should also have active profiles as some candidates prefer to connect with individuals over brand pages. Regularly update the company page with status updates and other materials such as videos and white papers that offer more insight into the company and its culture. It’s useful for brands to engage beyond their own pages, by being active in industry groups. These connections raise a company’s brand profile, while also alerting interested candidates when the company may be hiring.

Understand the culture of other platforms to promote specific openings

While LinkedIn is a natural fit for promoting open positions, networks such as Twitter and Facebook can also help companies reach qualified candidates. The key is understanding how these networks work and how best to tap into their culture. For example, achieving reach on Twitter involves using the right hashtags. Some popular ones for recruiting on Twitter include #jobs, #[city name], #jobhuntchat, and #internpro. Recruiting on Facebook requires a slightly different approach. Recruiters can post job openings on relevant Facebook fan pages and the Facebook Marketplace. It’s also possible to identify candidates by leveraging a tool such as to search for wall posts and status updates that contain related keywords.

Social media recruiting is an important addition to the toolkit of business owners and HR professionals working to fill open positions. The right strategies can help expand a company’s network, build a deep talent pool of industry professionals, and amplify the signal of open positions through different social channels. Contact myStaffingPro today to learn more about how recruiting solutions with social integration features lay the foundation for successful recruiting social campaigns.

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