Manufacturer Benefits from using myStaffingPro

We asked the HR Generalist at Bassett Mechanical what their experience was with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system. Below, she answered your most frequently asked questions in the buying process.

How long was the implementation process? How much work was it on your end?

After deciding to go with myStaffingPro there was an initial phone conversation and demo with our Rep to go over the implementation process. This call was probably about an hour and ½ in length. There was a very comprehensive implementation guide that was also provided to me. Some of the things I had to set up were choosing which pieces of the application we wanted (and what order) and what statuses we wanted (based on our interviewing/screening process). I think we were up and running within a month from the time we signed the agreement.

How has the level of customer service been since you started with them? How long have you been using the system? Any issues with the program?

The level of customer service we’ve received through MSP has been amazing. This is actually the reason we ultimately chose to go with them when we were researching different options as well. Everything I could find about them and the references I spoke with, all talked about the high level of customer service.  Whenever I have any issues with the system I reach out to our Rep, Koji, and he gets back to me the same day (next day at the very latest). There has never been anything that he hasn’t been able to help me with. This is probably the biggest benefit I’ve seen to using myStaffingPro. Even if it’s something that I should be able to do on my end, if I’m struggling with it, Koji will take care of it for me. He was also the person I spoke with during the implementation process and he was very helpful. I can’t say enough about the level of customer service we’ve received. I’m very happy with this.

How has the applicant experience been? How has this streamlined your recruiters’ process?

I’ve gone into the system as an applicant numerous times to go through the process and make sure things are clear and easy to get through. Once someone gets into the application, it takes them step-by-step through the different required areas. One thing I think is really great is that when someone first applies to a position and goes into the application process, they enter a name and email address. If there are other positions that they want to apply for in the future, they go in and enter their name and email address and it pulls all of their information so they can just apply to the new position, without entering everything all over again. That is one piece that I would imagine applicants really like about the process.

What is myStaffingPro’s greatest benefit?

The biggest benefit that I’ve noticed with the ATS is that we can now look for applicants to see if we’ve talked with them before and what our thoughts were, as well as why we made the decisions we made. Other things that have been helpful are the “hiring manager review” option where a notification is sent to the manager via email and he/she can go in and add their own notes and input and it can get logged right into the system vs. going through email without a record of it if you look back in the future.

 Any closing comments?

I hope that some of the information I’ve provided helps you with your decision-making process. We went with myStaffingPro because it offered what we’re looking for, without all of the extra things we didn’t need (and the much higher price tag). We liked what we saw in regards to their customer service reviews as well. I’m very happy we went with MSP and put this in place and I would go the same route if I had the same decision to make again.

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