5 Questions to Obtain Employee Testimonials

What’s your biggest selling point to potential hires? Uncertain? Just ask your current employees. Here are five questions to learn more about the offer approval process, gauge your ability to meet that commitment, and ultimately receive testimonials.

5 Questions to New Hires

  1. What persuaded you to accept an offer at our company?
  2. What are three benefits of working here?
  3. Is there anything that surprised you?
  4. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
  5. Would you refer a friend to work here? If so, why?


Once you’ve completed the interview:

  1. Compile the responses for further analysis and review.
  2. Identify trends
  3. Pinpoint key responses for use on your career site.
  4. Reconvene with the employee to receive their authorization for use.
  5. Work with marketing and/or your applicant tracking system to update the career site
  6. THANK the employee for their time and effort, and provide a link to the published content


Looking for inspiration? Refer to our client, Midmark Corporation, a two-time candidate experience award recipient.

One thought on “5 Questions to Obtain Employee Testimonials

  1. First off all i really appreciate that your 5 Questions to Obtain Employee Testimonials and guidelines. I like it !!!!!

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