Applicant Tracking: How To Manage Your Biggest Hiring Challenge

Applicant tracking is one of the most demanding components of the HR process. While scoping out positions, publicizing your vacancies, and attracting qualified candidates is time intensive, once you’ve developed a list of people to interview the real work begins. Most companies have multi-step interview processes that require coordinating each phase of the interviews and keeping both hiring managers and candidates informed about feedback and progress. For today’s already overworked HR departments, the added administrative burden can be challenging to manage. Here’s a closer look at tools and strategies that can simplify your candidate management efforts.

Manage your external branding with good communications

According to a recent Forbes article, 70% of companies fail to even acknowledge job applications with an email or a letter. Disgruntled potential hires can do significant damage to your company’s brand, whether they perceive a lapse in communication or a shoddily run process. Applicant tracking systems help your company avoid these mishaps. Steps such as acknowledgment letters and rejection emails can be both automated and personalized. Your HR staff can quickly audit the status of all individuals who applied for a position, to make sure that all communications are timely and complete.

Plan for your staffing needs
Applicant tracking also plays an important role in internal business operations. Systems can help both your HR department’s internal reputation and your ability to participate in the planning process. Managers with critical positions unfilled often need updates on hiring process progress to help schedule deliverables and client meetings. Time to hire and other factors are needed by finance for budget planning and financial projections. An applicant tracking system will give you the information needed to respond to requests for reports and ad hoc information in a timely, efficient way.

Overcome unreasonable workloads and inaccurate information
Many small to medium-sized companies track candidates through a mix of shared online file drives, spreadsheets, and paper documents. This approach has several drawbacks. One of the most obvious is time. Getting updates from various interviewers and HR managers, inputting the status, and sharing updated documents take a lot of effort. Often, information will be out of date when it’s needed the most, particularly if you’re managing multiple openings. Handling permissions for who has access to what information and who can modify it is also difficult, if not impossible, to do with Word documents and spreadsheets. Conversely, a dedicated candidate management system automatically updates and ensures that information is both secure and accessible as required.

Improve the candidate experience
Improving the candidate experience has several benefits for your company. Particularly in difficult to staff fields, such as executive leadership or technical talent, a positive candidate experience will help you stand out from other companies competing for their attention. A positive candidate experience also starts new hires out on the right foot, with a solid perception of their new employer. Automated recruiting systems help make it easy to keep candidates happy with regular communications, more efficient and fast moving interview processes, and preventing requests for information that has already been submitted which can make you look disorganized.

Are you a company that’s looking for a better solution for managing your hiring processes and applicant tracking? Contact myStaffingPro today to learn more about this full-featured SaaS applicant tracking system, which provides HR professionals with the tools they need to recruit, qualify, track, and hire the best applicants. You’ll reduce the workload on your HR staff, improve the candidate experience, and be better positioned to provide information to hiring managers and other internal stakeholders as required.

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