What Features Do The Best Applicant Tracking Systems Offer?

Today’s high-tech applicant tracking systems are an essential part of the hiring process. These technologies integrate features that allow your team to access the information needed to recruit top talent for your company, through a single interface. Formerly time-consuming activities such as posting and marketing jobs, sourcing resumes, and communicating with candidates become a streamlined process with the right technology. Yet, there are a number of systems on the market and it can be hard to know which features to prioritize and what to look for.

Robust recruiting support

The top applicant tracking systems include a wide range of recruiting features. It’s important to assess both back-end performance and front-end capabilities. On the back-end, consider how much control and customization can be done to support your company’s hiring process. How easy is it to develop a job description and seek the internal approvals needed to post the job? Can the system easily post the job to your career site, as well as any external job boards that you’re working with? What level of visibility do you have into data and analytics? On the front-end, look for applicant tracking systems that offer a great candidate experience.

A streamlined candidate experience

A great candidate experience requires software that makes it easy for prospective applicants to find jobs, submit applications, and stay in communication with your company throughout the hiring process. The right applicant tracking system makes it easy to create a dedicated careers site and promote jobs via job boards, social media, and other channels. The application process should be simple and focused, with the ability for candidates to save their information and apply from a variety of devices. Finally, communication tools that enable your team to acknowledge applications, respond to applicant questions, and send automated updates to keep everyone informed while minimizing administrative work. A positive candidate experience is important from both a branding and employee relations standpoint.

Social media and web integration

Today’s social media and web-based tools give companies an edge in reaching the right candidates. The ability to share your jobs via social media or targeted job boards can help you find high performing, tough to reach candidates. Social sharing features allow candidates to share jobs with friends or to easily post your available positions to an industry discussion board or LinkedIn Group. By choosing an applicant tracking system that enables this kind of organic promotion, companies can gain more exposure to a broader range of highly qualified candidates with minimal effort.

End-to-end integrations

Companies use a wide range of partners in the hiring process to handle everything from verifying references to randomized drug testing. It’s important that any system you’re considering has the capabilities to integrate with services that you use today, as well as those you’re likely to add in the future. Some common products and services that may integrate with your applicant tracking system include assessments, background screening, drug testing, consulting, HRIS systems, job boards, payroll providers, and more.

Data, analytics, and reporting

Human resources relies on data for many purposes. HR departments need access to hiring data for budgeting, financing planning, internal performance reviews, board meetings, and even government reporting. The best applicant tracking systems offer the capability to track a wide range of data, from how many applications a specific position received to the number of days needed to fill a position. Customized reports and an intuitive interface should make it easy to view and analyze any relevant data to your unique specifications.

The right applicant tracking system can dramatically reduce the workload associated with recruiting, while improving the candidate experience and helping you make better hires. myStaffingPro offers an industry leading solution that’s appropriate for a wide range of businesses. To learn more or arrange for a software demonstration, contact us today.

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