Preparing for the Rise in Mobile Recruitment

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), mobile recruitment is on the rise. It’s estimated that half of all traffic to career sites currently comes from mobile devices. Given the mobile usage statistics, it’s unsurprising: the Pew Research Internet Project notes that 58% of Americans own a smartphone while 42% own a tablet. Job hunters now have the flexibility to find, apply to, and remotely interview for positions from any mobile device. For companies committed to finding the best candidates and offering a great applicant experience, there are several steps that their recruiters should focus on.

Optimizing your corporate website for mobile

One of the most important digital recruiting steps that a company can take often dovetails with their other mobile marketing priorities. Today, a mobile-optimized website is the number one digital marketing priority for leading companies. A website that’s optimized for mobile users has several advantages. It looks great and functions well on a wide range of smartphones and tablets. It also has functionality that allows applicants to navigate through the site and application process with ease. Priority functions include the ability to review company background information, access the company’s career site, review job ad details, and apply for jobs from a touch screen device. Mobile optimization sets the foundation for successful recruiting in today’s diverse technology landscape.

Using applicant tracking with mobile integration

Another component of being ready for mobile recruitment is choosing an applicant tracking system that offers mobile integration. Applicant tracking systems with mobile components enable companies to provide a seamless candidate experience throughout the application process. In addition to basic mobile navigability, mobile-friendly applicant tracking systems simplify the application process for easy processing on mobile devices. They also offer features such as 24/7 application status checking and easy recruiter communications.

Embrace social media as a promotional and recruitment tool

The role of social media is increasingly important in mobile recruiting. Users on mobile devices are more likely to find jobs through social media channels and share jobs with colleagues. The leading applicant tracking systems promote engagement with social media tools, RSS feeds, share functionality, and email marketing. Promotion and engagement tools help expand the applicant pool, and make it easier for site visitors to share jobs with interested colleagues.

Build your recruiters’ mobile recruitment skills

Your team needs to be ready to embrace mobile recruitment. The evolution of the corporate hiring environment has changed everything, from how companies advertise jobs to the technology needed to support the application process. Strategically, mobile recruitment and other developments in the human resources space have fundamentally changed the skills that recruiters need to have. Companies can proactively hire recruiters or train their staff to focus on a high level of technological aptitude, the ability to integrate social media and Web 2.0 features into the recruiting process, and a willingness to use different technology tools to source and interview candidates.

Is your company ready to embrace mobile recruitment? Contact myStaffingPro today to arrange for a software demonstration and learn more about how our applicant tracking system enables companies to offer a world-class mobile recruiting experience.

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