5 Tips for Onboarding Employees

The onboarding process is the candidate’s first look into what your company is truly like. The rose-colored glasses of the hiring process have been replaced with the fear and anxiety of starting something new.

Ease candidates into your culture with these five onboarding tips:

  1. Get the paperwork out of the way: The first day of work can be completely consumed by paperwork. Get ahead of the curve with an onboarding system that allows employees to complete key paperwork online.
  2. Communicate key information: Before they walk on the premises, give them an idea of what to expect. Provide key details such as when to arrive, where to park, what door to enter, who to ask for, and what to wear.
  3. Prepare for them: Make sure that YOU are ready for the employee. Setup their office, parking, and security protocol so that they can get in and feel like they have a place.
  4. Grab lunch: Lunch the first day can be worse than the politics in a high school cafeteria. Get to know them and eliminate the lunchroom quagmire by taking them out of the office for lunch.
  5. Give them a takeaway: After their first day of work, the employee is going to be peppered with questions by their friends and family. Give them something to brag about. If you are a restaurant, send home a meal. A bank, send them home with some cool swag. The sky is the limit. The important thing is that they feel like a part of the team, and that they are assured they made the right decision.

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