Improving the Recruitment Process: A Look at Agile Hiring

A new trend, agile hiring, is changing the way that businesses think about the recruiting process. The “Agile philosophy” has its roots in the software development world, and has subsequently been introduced to a wider business audience with the popularity of the recently published book The Lean Startup. Overall, the approach focuses on defining essential high-value activities, eliminating administrate work, using well-defined targets and making data driven decisions. The goal is to eliminate waste and increase effectiveness. Here is a closer look at the concept of agile hiring and how to apply it to your business.

Defining recruiting process benchmarks

One of the essential elements of implementing agile hiring is shifting your perspective to recruiting as a quantitative process. The ability to take the 30,000 foot view of your recruiting process and determine what’s successful and what’s not is key to this hiring philosophy. Recruiting has a wide variety of metrics that can be considered: the number of applicants a job receives, how effective your screening process is by reducing the number of interviews with unqualified applicants, and the number of days it takes to fill an open position. By determining what your core measurements of success are, you’ll be on the way to eliminating inefficiencies and operating a lean, effective recruiting organization.

Establishing clear job targets

Agile hiring takes a distinct approach to drafting job descriptions. Job descriptions are more than just a list of general roles and responsibilities. Instead, they provide a data-driven map to help recruiters identify and hire the best candidates for the job. The right job description will contain everything from quantifiable requirements such as minimum education and years of experience to a very specific list of qualifications that can sharpen the effectiveness of your screening process. Clear job targets benefit everyone throughout the recruiting process, from HR staff that wants to increase their effectiveness in screening applicants to candidates that have a clear understanding of a position’s criteria for success when considering a job offer.

Choosing the right technological support

The right applicant tracking software is essential to implementing agile hiring techniques. Look for a system that’s highly customizable to your company’s process and can evolve over time as you migrate toward better recruiting approaches. For example, select a system that allows you to establish screening questions and only pass qualified applicants through to the next stage. Functionality like this can eliminate the administrative burdens that can pile up during the recruiting process and allow your recruiting staff to focus on high-value activities. The best systems allow your HR team to quickly access information about the recruiting process, to automate some important screening processes, and get great candidates into interview more quickly. Systems should also offer the capabilities to track specific performance metrics and monitor improvements or other changes over time.

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