BYOD for the Job Application Process

Do you know what your candidates are using to complete the online application process? We had a guess, but I have to say that we were surprised by the results. Last month, myStaffingPro had 1.9M applicants use the system. This candidate sample used more than 20 browsers to apply on various devices! Surprisingly, the most popular browser wasn’t Internet Explorer. It was Google Chrome!

39% of applicants are using Google Chrome to access the online application process.

The most popular mobile device, less surprisingly, was the Apple iPhone at 23% of mobile traffic. The most unusual methods for applying included using the PlayStation and Blackberry. (Sorry BlackBerry fans.)

Although it is hard to guarantee that a SaaS system will work on every device and browser combination, it is important to provide applicants with several methods of entry. Ask your applicant tracking system provider what browsers and devices they support. Review their system requirements against your website’s metrics and those of your target market. Make sure that you aren’t losing out because your tracking system doesn’t support the most popular browsers or devices for target market.

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