Lose the Paper: 5 Reasons to Use an Applicant Tracking Software System

An applicant tracking system can transform your recruiting process. If you’re still managing your hiring process with printed resumes, email trails, and shared spreadsheets, you’re missing out on some of the major advantages of the latest human resources technological developments. From more efficient candidate screening and sourcing to more robust data reporting, here’s a closer look at five reasons you should start using an applicant tracking system today.

Better Candidate Experience
Many candidates expect to have the ability to review job postings online, learn more about your company, and submit their resume and cover letter via your website. Companies that aren’t offering these capabilities may be damaging their brands, especially if they’re recruiting technical talent, millennials, or executives who rely on multiple devices while on the go. An applicant tracking system enables you to have a professional, streamlined resume submission process that offers a positive candidate experience, while also making it easier to process resumes on the backend.

The Ability to Pre-Screen Candidates
Depending on what job you’re recruiting for, you may receive dozens or even hundreds of applicants. Reading and vetting every cover letter, resume, and portfolio to develop a pool of qualified candidates can be a daunting task. An applicant tracking system offers companies the opportunity to use pre-screening questions. For example, are you hiring for a job that requires a specific skill set? With pre-screening questions, you can identify which candidates meet the most important qualifications and narrow down the applications automatically.

Eased Workload for HR Staff
Many HR teams are leaner than ever before. Often fewer staff are managing a wider range of responsibilities. It’s important to have the right tools in place to allow your HR staff and recruiters to focus on their most vital tasks, whether that is recruiting star performers to your team, or building positive employee relations. Human resources is an administratively intensive field. Applicant tracking systems may save you time and money by eliminating duplicative administrative work.

Streamlined Review Process
When all the information about a candidate is available in a single interface, it’s easier for HR managers, recruiters, and hiring managers to review candidate submissions. Applicant tracking systems typically display details, such as interview notes from staff or system updates keeping track of where a candidate is in the interview process. Tracking systems also enable you to automate and track correspondence, ranging from resume acknowledgments to rejection letters.

Integrate Background Checks with Recruiting Information
Many companies are increasingly relying on outside services to help them make good hires. Examples of these services include detailed background screens, credit checks, skills assessments testing, reference verification, and drug testing. Applicant tracking systems offer the capacity to integrate these services and the results. The ability to integrate all this information allows companies to access the candidate data in one location, and may allow for a simpler onboarding process.

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