5 Ways to Onboard New Hires More Efficiently

Your offer to a candidate was accepted and now it’s time to formally bring the new hire onboard your organization. Here are the top 5 ways an optimized onboarding system can help make the onboarding of new hires more efficient for employers:

  1. Eliminate manual processing by including onboarding forms and documents in the onboarding system.
  2. Standardize new hire paperwork to ensure that all new hires are completing required forms and receive appropriate company documents.
  3. Easily verify that all information is complete. Under the Documents Tab, you can click on the new hire’s name and easily review the list of documents that have been electronically completed and signed.
  4. Ensure data security with an onboarding system that uses an encrypted site with dual authentication. A new hire’s signed documents are stored in a document vault and assigned an electronic signature audit trail.
  5. Create a consistent workflow that stays up-to-date on a new hire’s onboarding progress with status-driven workflows and email notifications. A fluid process maintains momentum and ultimately may reduce administrative costs by eliminating manual processing.

Is an onboarding system right for your company? Request a free demonstration to learn what onboarding can do for you at http://lp.mystaffingpro.com/onboarding.

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