An Onboarding System helps to Enable a Strong Day 1 Start

You have found the right candidate to fill an open position and you’re eager to get them started. With an optimized onboarding system at your company, you can have new hires start their first day on the job –– with all of the paperwork completed in advance.

For example, your new hire can complete forms online from any computer at any time. On a single screen, new-hires can see the full list of forms that need to be completed. These forms may range from their federal and state tax forms, to acknowledging the company handbook and policy.

As the new hire progresses through the list, each form’s completion and signature is marked with a highly visible check mark. This helps to verify that all information is complete.

Your new hire also has the option to review any forms before submitting, and can download copies for his/her records.

In addition to required paperwork, an onboarding system can be easily customized to include your company’s welcome video, a map of where to park, and any other crucial information that helps your new hire feel empowered to hit the ground running on Day 1 of their new job.

Interested in learning more about onboarding? Contact us to learn what onboarding can do for you at

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