Creating a Positive First Impression During the Application Process

Recruiters understand acquiring top talent is a process that starts the moment a candidate hears about a job opening, and continues throughout the application process. Every interaction with a prospective candidate is a touch point for your brand that shapes the candidate’s opinion of your business, and impacts the chances they’ll accept your offer.

So, what elements matter most when you’re developing an effective recruiting process for your firm? Here’s a closer look at how companies can create a positive first impression during the application process.

Clear, Measurable Job Postings
A job posting is an important tool in the recruiting process. Its first role is to sell qualified candidates on the position by outlining the specific responsibilities a job entails. Job postings can help screen out unqualified candidates, while getting strong contenders excited about applying. Once a hire has been made, job postings and descriptions can help employees succeed at their jobs while providing a helpful metric for managers to evaluate performance. Write great job postings by giving specifics about the role and help candidates see how the position is significant to the business.

Offer Mobile-Optimized Career Sites and Applications
Job seekers are often looking at job opportunities and submitting applications from a wide range of mobile devices. Is your company’s career site and application optimized for smartphones and tablets? If not, you may be projecting an outdated image. Take the time to determine if your career site is branded and functions well on a range of devices. How easy is your application to submit via a mobile device? Simple features such as LinkedIn integration can greatly improve the user experience. Offer a mobile optimized career site and general application to help demonstrate to candidates that your company embraces the latest in technology.

Prioritize Communications with Candidates
Nothing is more frustrating to applicants than applying for a job and never hearing back. To build a positive impression that shows you’re organized and value your team, develop a clear communications plan. Every candidate should feel that your company’s communications have been prompt, professional and proactive. Acknowledge each application as it comes in through an automated responder. Send prompt, personalized rejection letters to applicants that you’ve screened out for specific positions. Provide regular status updates and communications to candidates that you’re considering or are actively interviewing, to keep them feeling connected and in the loop. Using an applicant tracking system can make it easier to hit your communications metrics.

Invest In an Applicant Tracking System
Creating a positive impression with applicants during the hiring process can help you attract your industry’s best candidates. Staying organized is essential to achieving this goal. An applicant tracking system offers recruiters and managers several benefits. It’s easy to post jobs, promote them online, and create mobile-optimized applications. Communications, such as acknowledgments and interview requests, can be sent automatically. Screening questions can be added to the application process to enable recruiters to more quickly vet candidates. Finally, all information related to candidates and the process is centralized in one dashboard, which gives internal recruiters quick access to the data needed to make important decisions.

Creating a positive impression during the recruiting process offers businesses several advantages. Investing in an applicant tracking system is one of the best strategies to get the organizational, communications, and job advertising capabilities needed to reach that goal.

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