Overcome New Hire Paperwork with Onboarding

We’ve all faced a mountain of paperwork. One that is so enormous that we don’t know where to begin and sometimes it’s unclear if we’ve satisfactorily completed all of the forms. Thankfully, completing new hire paperwork doesn’t have to be this way. With onboarding, new employees can complete their paperwork electronically at any time. The system tracks the time it takes the new hire to complete the process allowing the employer to comply with wage and hour laws.

The onboarding software interface is easy to understand and simple to navigate. On the left-hand side, there is a checklist of forms. These can include the new hire’s application, Form W-4, and state tax forms; as well as a voluntary self-identification form.

New hires type information into each electronic field presented. That information is then securely stored and used to complete most of the remaining forms. This auto-completion saves the new employee from retyping their name, address, and date on every form. In addition, a highly visible “check mark” appears to demonstrate how far they are in the onboarding process.

Another benefit is that the onboarding system allows the new hire to complete the new hire paperwork at their own pace and return at any time. This saves the employee from the stress of tracking down the right person to return their paperwork to. With onboarding, employees can simply “Exit and Return” to the documents as needed.

For more information about onboarding, please contact us at lp.mystaffingpro.com/onboarding.

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