Five Ways to Wow New Hires with Onboarding

The interview process is over and you feel confident you’ve chosen the right person. But the journey is not over yet. Here are five ways an onboarding system can provide a positive welcoming experience to your new hire:

  1. Polished communications approach – No one likes their inbox to be slammed with a dozen random emails. An onboarding system offers a single portal in which all of the required forms are securely stored.
  2. Easy step-by-step completion – With electronic forms, the onboarding system automatically alerts the new hire if a required field is incomplete. As each form is completed, a “check mark” appears on the list clearly navigating the process.
  3. Anytime convenience – An online onboarding system means the forms can be completed at any time. This empowers new hires to complete the onboarding process when it is convenient for them and when they have all the information needed. In addition, the system tracks the time it takes to complete the forms allowing an employer to comply with wage and hour laws regarding hours worked.
  4. Employee handbook/company policy – An employee handbook and/or company policy are important documents for your new hire to acknowledge reading. This information sets forth your expectations, and employee rights.
  5. Welcome video and/or letter – A video or letter from your company’s executives is a great way for new hires to feel welcomed, as well as learn more about the bigger picture in which they now play an important part role.

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