Help to Reduce No Shows with Onboarding Software

There may be a lag from the day your new hire accepts your offer to their actual start date. This could be because the new hire has to give two weeks’ notice at their current job, or the hiring manager is on PTO.

Whatever the reason may be, a lag in the start date can cause the new hire to become disengaged. After hours of interviews and ultimately making a hire it is critical to keep new hires engaged so that they remain committed and show up on their first day. One way to keep a new hire committed is to implement an onboarding system. With onboarding, you can keep the new hire engaged with a “getting started” workflow that contains multiple communication touch points.

From the moment of acceptance, your new hire will receive a Welcome email directing them to the onboarding software. This polished approach reinforces your commitment to them and provides information on the next steps.

Once in the onboarding system, they will see an easy-to-follow list of electronic forms they need to complete. They can “save and exit” and return to forms as their time permits. This feature is especially helpful if they need to grab their driver’s license, passport, or any other supporting documentation. A clear “check mark” appears next to each completed form. In addition, the onboarding system keeps track of the time the new hire spends completing the forms so that they can be compensated in accordance with applicable wage and hour laws.

You can also include a Welcome Letter/Video, instructions for their first day, and parking directions. Therefore, even if there is a lag time to start, your new hire will be more likely to show up on their start date already feeling like a part of the team. With a thorough communication plan and streamlined workflow, it is possible to keep new hires informed and engaged so that they show up on their first day.

For more information on how to welcome new employees and reduce no shows, download our free onboarding webinar.

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