5 Ways to Build a Strong Reputation with an Onboarding System

Companies compete on talent, so it’s important to maintain a good reputation among applicants and new hires. Here are five ways an onboarding system can help you gain visibility in the crowded talent marketplace:

  1. Offer a warm welcome – Onboarding is more than just a pile of paperwork. Customize your onboarding system to include a Welcome Letter/Video to warmly welcome your new hire and give them a taste of company culture.
  2. Set productivity standards – With an easy-to-follow checklist of forms, your new hire will see you are a company that values efficiency. Even before the job start date, your new hire will understand what’s expected of them.
  3. Demonstrate innovation – Manually filling out reams of paperwork is yesterday’s onboarding model. Instead, you can onboard new hires more efficiently when you use software that empowers new hires to complete pre-hire forms from any online connection and have their time spent tracked to ensure they are paid in accordance with applicable wage and hour laws.
  4. Keep information secure – No one wants to carry around all of their personal documentation (social security card, driver’s license, passport) and risk losing it. With an online onboarding system, your new hires can complete electronic forms that are kept secure.
  5. Provide flexibility – New hires can “save and exit” and return to their forms at any time. This provides great flexibility in completing the paperwork.

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