Add Consistency with Onboarding

Consistent processes are essential to organizational effectiveness. This is especially true if your organization has multiple locations.  An onboarding software offers a consistent, unified onboarding processes for new hires.

Let’s look at a nationwide organization, for example. The HR Administrator may be centralized at headquarters and far from the actual hiring locations.

The Hiring Managers (at each location) may be more likely to follow their own process of having new hires complete new hire paperwork. This could be at the start of their first day on the job or staggered throughout Week One while the new hire is simultaneously being trained. After all, if the Hiring Manager has to mail off a stack of new-hire paperwork, they are already accustomed to the lag in between getting forms completed and sent in to HR.

An online onboarding system is designed to be consistent.  The forms chosen by the employer to be completed may reflect federal and state requirements, as well as company policy.

The onboarding software is immediate too.   As forms are completed, a highly visible check mark appears in the checklist. The completed forms are automatically submitted for approval and immediately available for viewing.  The result is a consistent process that provides visibility.

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