Top 10 Best Practices for Onboarding

Paperwork is only a drag when you are left in the dark. New hires may not understand what forms they need to fill out. In addition, a busy HR Manager or Hiring Manager’s instruction may only be: “Complete these.” Here are the top 10 ways onboarding software can help your new hires comply with onboarding:

  1. The new hire’s name appears on screen indicating this is the correct set of paperwork
  2. A clear checklist of forms always remains present in the left-hand navigation
  3. The number of documents to be completed is clearly stated
  4. Each form is clearly labeled and named
  5. As each electronic form appears on screen, its content is clear (e.g., Form W-4)
  6. The wizard system walks new hire through each field to complete
  7. A “save and exit” feature empowers new hires to return to the documents at any time
  8. The information is submitted on a secure, encrypted site, and the documents are stored in a document vault
  9. As each form is completed, a highly visible check mark appears
  10. A “print” features enables new hires to save and print copies for their own records

Need more reasons? Learn about The Risks of a Manual Hiring Process.

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