Easing First Day Anxieties with Onboarding

Starting a new job is always an exciting time for a new hire. And, it can be nerve-wracking. The interview process went great, but did they really get a sense of the corporate culture? And, even more basic, where exactly do they go on their first day when they arrive? An onboarding system can help to alleviate these new hire anxieties.

For example, onboarding software can contain all of the new hire forms that may need to be completed. They can be completed electronically from an online computer at any time. This efficiency sends the message that your company values productivity and is the right company to work for.

You can also customize an onboarding system with a formal Welcome Letter from your CEO and a more casual Welcome Video, welcoming your new hire even before they arrive.

As for their arrival, you can also include a parking and building map so they know exactly where to go on Day 1. And you can include a checklist of information they’ll need for security credentials.

Be sure to comply with applicable wage and hours laws where employees are permitted to complete this process outside of working hours.

For more information about the benefits of onboarding, contact us at http://lp.mystaffingpro.com/onboarding/

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