Focus on Getting Ready the Work, Not the Paperwork

Focus on Getting Ready the Work, Not the PaperworkOnboarding is an exciting time for both your company and your new hire. After a thorough search, you have found the right person to help with the continued success of your organization.

Onboarding software can eliminate the manual processing of forms when new hires arrive at work. Instead, you can elect to have new hires complete the forms in the comfort of their own home. Remember to comply with applicable wage and hour laws when asking employees to do this work at home. This option allows them to “save and exit” as needed. For example, this may include a driver’s license and Social Security card or a passport.

An easy-to-follow checklist can help them keep track of their progress, and tracks progress to show that they have completed required paperwork. In fact, the new hire can’t generally submit a form until it’s completely filled out.

In the meantime, your Hiring Managers can be preparing for the new hire’s first day on the job. This will likely include training, introductions, and maybe one-on-one mentorship. These are the talent management differentiators that will help your company continue to stay ahead of the competition.

To find out more about how your talent management differentiators will elevate your company, take a look at our free onboarding webinar.

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