Electronic Onboarding without IT

Electronic Onboarding without ITAs soon as HR Managers hear about a new “system” or “software,” they immediately think the IT department has to reconfigure every desktop in the organization. With an online onboarding solution, you are tapping into a “no maintenance” Software as a Service (SaaS).

In addition to the SaaS user experience, new hires benefit from an online onboarding process. The online process can be completed on a computer or mobile phone and could include a welcome letter, video, or the Form I-9, Form W-4, and state withholding tax forms.  Regardless of the process configuration you select, the new hire would be guided through each step to complete it in full. The system allows you to track time spent completing this process to assist you in compliance with applicable wage and hour laws if you permit or request that new employees complete the new hire process outside working hours.

You can be rest assured that the candidate is submitting information on an encrypted site with dual authentication. A new hire’s signed documents are stored in a document vault and assigned a complete electronic signature audit trail.

Best of all, you will have full visibility into the new hire’s onboarding progress with status-driven workflows and email notifications. The result is a fluid process that can maintain the momentum in your new hire onboarding process. To learn more about onboarding processes, discover how you can automate your onboarding system effectively.

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