What Happens During Onboarding?

What Happens During OnboardingWhen a new hire joins a company, everyone says: “Welcome aboard!” And in a fun fact way, this ship metaphor could be where the HR term “onboarding” originated.

Onboarding is the official process of welcoming new employees into an organization. Onboarding can be completed manually with paper forms, or through an electronic onboarding process.

Rather than completing paperwork in the office, the new hire can access the onboarding system via computer or mobile phone to complete their paperwork. Once logged in, the new hire will complete the onboarding process that you specify. Be sure to comply with applicable wage and hours laws where employees are permitted to complete this process outside of working hours.

These forms could include the Form I-9, IRS Form W-4, state withholding tax forms, acknowledgement of the receipt of the employee handbook, company policies, and their application. The wizard-driven process ensures that all materials are completed, and an encrypted site ensures data security.

The electronic process allows new hires to “save and exit” for easy return to the forms.

With the new hire paperwork successfully completed and submitted, the Hiring Manager can get the new hire started on the job on Day 1. Automate your onboarding processes and request a free demo.

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