Online Onboarding Makes It Easy for Everyone – Not Just HR

Online Onboarding Makes It Easy for Everyone – Not Just HROnboarding is not a silo process. Effective onboarding benefits everyone in the organization. With an online onboarding system, HR can ensure that company information is shared and acknowledged.

Take, for example, the Employee Handbook and the Company Policy. The Handbook is an important communication tool that describes what new hires can expect from your company. The policies may establish the rules of conduct within an organization, which protect workers’ rights and the employer’s business interests.

In an electronic onboarding system, the new hire will be asked to read each document and acknowledge that they have read, received, and agree to them. Be sure to comply with applicable wage and hours laws where employees are permitted to complete this process outside of working hours.

When this process is complete, a highly visible checkmark appears next to the Employee Handbook and Company Policy on the required forms list. As a result, the new hire, the HR Manager, and the Hiring Manager can all be confident that important company information was conveyed. Find out how you can implement an effective solution into your company by watching this free webinar.

One thought on “Online Onboarding Makes It Easy for Everyone – Not Just HR

  1. Online boarding helps new joinees adapt faster to the company’s culture and instill clear expectations from the employers. Recruitment Industry is at a new pace today just because of online boarding.

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