3 Ways to Get Onboarding Right

3 Ways to Get Onboarding RightEven before your new hire starts, your company is already making an impression. Here are the top 3 ways to get onboarding right:

Onboarding is not on-the-job training. Onboarding is the process of having your new hire complete required paperwork. These include Form I-9, IRS Form W-4, state withholding forms, and voluntary self-identification information. Although onboarding contains important information that must be completed, it can be completed offsite. Be sure to comply with applicable wage and hours laws where employees are permitted to complete this process outside of working hours.

Empower new hires even before they start. Everyone succeeds when information is completed accurately. With an online onboarding system, new hires feel empowered to complete the paperwork at their own pace. With an easy “save and exit” feature, they can return to the paperwork at any time. This gives them great flexibility to grab any documentation they may want to reference – such as a driver’s license and Social Security card or a passport.

Sustain new hire momentum. There may be a lag between the date your new hire accepted your hire and the actual start date. Onboarding software improves communication by helping HR Managers stay up-to-date on the new hire’s onboarding progress with status-driven workflows and email notifications.

Learn more about how you can effectively improve your onboarding communication process in your HR department.

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