Top 3 Signs of a Successful Onboarding System

Top 3 Signs of a Successful Onboarding SystemIn the old days, onboarding meant sticking a new hire at an empty desk with a mound of required forms to complete. Then, the HR Manager or Hiring Manager would disappear to attend to other tasks. If the new hire had a question, the entire onboarding process came to a complete stall. The Manager would return to find the paperwork incomplete and valuable time lost.

Instead, here are the top 3 signs that a company has a successful onboarding system:

New hires feel welcomed even before they start. An onboarding system can consist of a Welcome Letter and Welcome Video. It can also include a parking map any other important soft knowledge for a Day 1 job start.

New hires are confident they have completed the required paperwork. Onboarding software can consist of a checklist of forms to be completed electronically. As each document is successfully completed, a highly visible checkmark appears. 

New hires are empowered. New hires can complete onboarding paperwork from any online computer. With an easy “save and exit” feature, they can return to the documents at any time. Additionally, they have the flexibility to grab any documentation that is required, such as a Social Security card and driver’s license or a passport.

Be sure to comply with applicable wage and hours laws where employees are permitted to complete this process outside of working hours. For more information on developing a successful onboarding system, check out our free webinar.

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