5 Ways to Standardize Onboarding Process for Consistency

5 Ways to Standardize Onboarding Process for ConsistencyAcross your organization, it is important to standardize the onboarding process for consistency. Here are 5 ways online onboarding software welcomes all new hires:

  1. Welcome Letter and Video is a great way for new hires to feel welcomed, and get a sense of the company culture
  2. Employee Handbook and Company Policy sets forth your expectations, and describes employer l obligations and employee rights.
  3. Easy step-by-step completion of electronic forms empowers new hires to complete each form with confidence.
  4. At-home convenience gives new hires flexibility to reach for any type of personal document that may be required. Be sure to comply with applicable wage and hours laws where employees are permitted to complete this process outside of working hours.
  5. A single portal offers a polished communications approach in which all of the required forms are securely stored.

Learn more about how to create an automated welcoming new hire experience and register for a free demo.

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