3 Ways to Attract the Right Employees

3 Ways to Attract the Right Employees

Employment is a delicate balance: You have to create a great workplace and at the same time, you have to attract the right employees to keep your company great.

An automated and web-based social recruiting, applicant tracking, and onboarding system should help companies recruit, qualify, track, and hire employees. Here are 3 ways to attract the right employees:

  1. Identify qualified candidates. Social recruiting and employment branding can really lift your company’s status on social networks. By promoting engagement with social media tools, RSS feeds, share functionality, and email subscriptions — top candidates will know that you’re serious about reaching out to them.
  2. Build a talent pipeline. With vast recruiting capabilities, you can qualify candidates with a configurable online application process. The system lets you obtain and track manager feedback so that way you can continuously improve your recruiting efforts.
  3. Onboard employees efficiently. Once your new hire accepts your offer, give them an easy process for completing pre-hire forms. Employers will need to comply with applicable wage and hour laws as this time would be considered time worked.

To learn more about how to attract and hire the right types of employees for your business, check out our free onboarding webinar.




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