Create a Savvy Job Posting to Attract the Right Candidates

Create a Savvy Job Posting to Attract the Right CandidatesIn a growing or well-established company, every employee role is critical — no matter how insignificant their responsibilities may appear to be.

An effective system can automate that recruiting, tracking, and onboarding processes to help companies qualify, and hire the right employees.

Through one single portal, you can see how many views a job post received, how many qualified candidates applied, and how long it took for a hiring manager to fill the post. You can take the best practices and apply them to your next job posting.

Every time an applicant’s information is sent to a hiring manager, there is an opportunity for them to provide feedback. Those notes usually contain a fine-tuning of the job requirements and/or candidate attributes the manager is seeking. So if before, they were looking for an Account Manager “to manage multiple accounts,” that wording may be revised “to work with a variety of clients across different industries.”

There is also the social recruiting feature that gives instant feedback on whether job posts are forwarded or shared and what responses they elicit. To learn more about how to recruit and hire exceptional candidates for your business, check out our free applicant evaluation worksheet.

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