How Company Culture Can Improve Your Customer Experience

How Company Culture Can Improve Your Customer Experience

Ever go into a store and the staff is friendly, even though you don’t buy a thing? Then you go into the next store and you can’t make eye contact with a single employee. You want to buy something and feel like you’re “bothering” the sales associate. Why is that?

An effective recruiting system can help you recruit, qualify, track, and hire employees that uphold your company culture. It can help you reinforce your company culture in these three key ways:

Attract top candidates

Social recruiting is a great way to raise the profile of your employment brand online. You can use social media tools, RSS feeds, and email subscriptions to stay in touch with top candidates.

Keep qualified talent in the pipeline

With a configurable online application process, you can qualify candidates. The system lets you obtain and track manager feedback so even if a candidate is not right for one job, they may be fit in another department.

Give new hires a great onboarding experience

Nothing says “Welcome Onboard” better than a great onboarding experience. No new hire likes to spend their first day on the job in an empty cubicle filling out paperwork and having no meaningful interactions. With an online onboarding system, new hires can complete pre-hire forms at home and then come ready to work on Day One while you can track the time worked to comply with wage and hour laws.

To learn more about how to create a valuable onboarding experience, check out our free onboarding webinar.

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