Top Talent Retention Strategies

Top Talent with Retention StrategiesThe Society for Human Resource Management had a recent article about the Millennial Generation’s expectations for the workplace, and how this informs winning talent acquisition and retention strategies.

A comprehensive web based applicant tracking system should be accessible from anywhere at any time with Internet access. It should also offer unlimited integration capabilities with background checking, assessments, HRIS, learning, and performance management systems.

With all applicant information housed in a single portal, your managers have easy access to the data required to develop the collaborative and leadership-sharing work environments which are often sought after by Millennials.

In the old days, the best tracking a company could do was: How many applications did we receive for a job post? An effective system will enable you to drill deeper:

  • What types of education did the applicants have
  • Of those who applied, how many did we actually interview
  • Of those we interviewed, how many did we not hire; what was the disconnect between the résumé and the interview process

By analyzing details such as these, you can be in a better position to attract top talent and retain valued employees. To learn more about how to automate your recruiting processes, schedule a free demo.

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