How Video Interviews Enhance Recruiting

How Video Interviews Enhance Recruiting“In the past year, Novartis Pharmaceuticals held 2,700 video interviews — with a cost-avoidance savings of $475,000 and a reduction in manager interview travel by 220 trips.”

These astounding figures are cited in a recent article posted by the Society for Human Resource Management. The article goes on to explain that employers can now connect with candidates via Skype and other platforms. Video interviewing has opened up national and international talent pools that were inaccessible just a few years ago.

myStaffingPro is an online system for social recruiting, applicant tracking, and onboarding to help companies recruit, qualify, track, and hire employees. The web­-based system offers a hiring manager interview and feedback process.

Let’s look at an older and less efficient process: A hiring manager interviews a candidate from the local region in person, and jots notes on a pad. That qualitative assessment stays with the hiring manager.

Now let’s look at how myStaffingPro can help optimize the recruitment process:

  • Hiring manager posts job requisition to myStaffingPro
  • HR manager uses the social recruiting feature of myStaffingPro to announce the job opening on social networks and seek out qualified candidates — wherever they may live
  • Hiring manager video interviews candidate
  • Afterward hiring manager logs feedback within myStaffingPro, so the candidate’s complete recruiting process is captured in one place
  • HR manager uses the feedback to make a job offer or fine-tune the wording of the job posting

To learn more about how to automate your recruiting processes, schedule a free demo.

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