Why Workforce Analytics Help Improve Your Talent Acquisition Process

Why Workforce Analytics Help Improve Your Talent Acquisition ProcessWhat makes employees more engaged? What drives job satisfaction? These were the types of questions asked in a recent article posted by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Workforce analytics is a necessary function in the race for top talent. Yet a 2014 IBM study of 342 chief HR officers cites fewer than 16% of companies have the capability to use data. This hampers their ability to take action on future workforce issues.

A end-to-end applicant tracking system (ATS) should offer unlimited integration capabilities with performance management abilities. For instance, you should be able to review job descriptions as well as employee performance plans. From there the HR managers can measure the outcomes of how they matched up. And if needed, tweak the job description going forward.

Let’s say your company is a textile weaver. From special synthetic yarns, you manufacture seat covers used in military vehicles. Qualified loom operators are essential to your business, yet you’ve had a high turnover of that role lately. This is troubling because you’re hoping to expand your federal contracts in the coming years.

An effective ATS will give you the ability to view the job function and the performance history of previous loom operators and quantify:

  • How many excelled at controlling the machines, but faltered at communicating with supervisors and peers
  • What was the timeframe of training in relation to expected command of quality control

This type of detailed workforce analytics can help you improve your talent acquisition process. To learn more about how analytics can help automate your recruiting processes, schedule a free demo.

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