Survey Results Reveal HR Solutions For Applicant Recruiting and Onboarding

Employment is a delicate balance; you have to create a great work environment as well as attract the right employees that align with your company’s goals and ethics.

In a recent survey we conducted, 73% of the respondents reported receiving an average of 10-20 applications for each job posting listed. If you factor in 5 job postings every month for an entire company, it means that a hiring manager essentially reviews nearly 100 applications each month.

Survey Results_15.11 HR Tech Solutions_MSP-04

This means that employees have to read, track and compare a lot of content. 60% of the respondents we interviewed stated that they do this process this manually.

Survey Results_15.11 HR Tech Solutions_MSP-02

Manual application tracking may have its benefits, but it also has its pitfalls. A few red flags that come to mind are:

  • A résumé sits on someone’s desk, creating a backlog until they can review it
  • A résumé cannot be objectively parsed to accurately determine if the experience matches the job requirements
  • Notes made on the résumé are not kept private and could lead to compliance issues

Since humans are prone to errors, what better way is there than to have one unified, integrated application tracking system?

Errors being the frame of reference here, makes a lot of sense especially when we asked these same candidates how successful they found there manual process to be in terms of matching an applicant to an open position effectively.

50% of the respondents reported that it worked well but that a manual process was not efficient and 7% felt it needed significant improvement overall.

Survey Results_15.11 HR Tech Solutions_MSP-01

In total, 57% of the people who participated in our survey felt their current process needed to be enhanced.

Survey Results_15.11 HR Tech Solutions_MSP-03

Additionally, 64% reported that they did not have an internal onboarding process in terms of training and familiarization with the product, service and company policies.

Survey Results_15.11 HR Tech Solutions_MSP-06

Combining those two statistics, it’s easy to see how candidates can quickly become confused and miss out on important information concerning the role they’re applying for during the recruitment process as well as the tasks they’ll be responsible for if they are selected.

Applicants took the time to apply and showed interest in your company, so why would employers want to squash that interest by ignoring them or reject them in a dismissive manner?

A comprehensive web-­based end-to-end applicant tracking system should enable your hiring managers to drill deeper. Specifically with:

  • Recruiting
  • Qualifying
  • Tracking
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding

An effective web-based applicant tracking system integrates the entire process — from the moment a Hiring Manager fills out a requisition with HR to the efficient onboarding of a new hire. In addition to the applicant process, the hiring managers should be able to effectively track and project the retention rate of that hire based on the data they’ve collected from the candidate.

To learn more about how to effectively recruit and onboard applicants as well as rely on the data check out our free webinar.

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