Embracing Digital Solutions within a Manufacturing Environment

Embracing Digital Solutiions within a Manufacturing EnvironmentManufacturing has evolved into a high-tech environment. From assemblers to zipper setters, automation technologies dominate the shop floor. Which is why an applicant tracking system is a natural extension of processes you already have in place.

myStaffingPro is an online social recruiting, applicant tracking, and onboarding system to help companies recruit, qualify, track, and hire employees. Here are its top 3 benefits — which are not too different from the digital solutions found throughout the plant environment:

  1. Handle volume efficiently — myStaffingPro automatically parses applications to match experience with job requirements so the top candidates are quickly identified
  2. Move on down the line — In advance, you set the automated workflow process for application review. Maybe an application goes to the HR manager first, hiring manager second, and eventually a supervisor if the candidate is called back for a second interview.
  3. Retain information in one place — myStaffingPro is a single portal for any information related to the recruitment, qualifying, and hiring of employees. This information provides meaningful data that can be analyzed for continuous improvement.

To learn more about how to handle volume, move down the line and retain information in one place easily, schedule a free demo.

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