Smart Solutions for the Everyday Manufacturer

Smart Solutions for the Everyday ManufacturerMost warehouses have a high staffing count and work in shift rotations, so turnover is high. A web-based applicant tracking system that could help manufacturers in 3 smart ways:

  1. Filter out the “window shoppers” – Some individuals are not always transparent about just looking for a temporary position. If your need is for a full-time, long-term employee, going through the process of recruiting, vetting, and onboarding can be expensive — if that employee leaves within six months. Customizable applications can help you be as specific as possible to meet your needs.
  2. Automate the drug/background screening– During hectic production periods, this step in the applicant process often gets missed as HR quickly looks to fill slots. This is especially true for manufacturers who still use a “manual” process of paper application forms. A single portal to all of the applicant’s information will help you centralize all of the data in one place; the HR department has easy access to all of the documents related to an individual’s application.
  3. Make sure every document is completed before hire – Related to #2, there are a number of important documents that must be completed before an employee actually starts work. These include but are not limited to: W9 form, state tax forms, I-9 forms, voluntary ethnicity/race identification, and company policy. With an automated onboarding system, you can set up the process so that no employee is approved to begin work until every document on your checklist is satisfactorily completed.

To learn more about how to automate your hiring process, schedule a free demo.



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