Understanding Your Applicants – Who’s Applying?

Understanding Your Applicants – Who's Applying?Ten thousand people retire from the workforce everyday.

Which means, it’s probably important to understand what types of people are applying to the open positions you’re recruiting for.

Let’s take a closer look at some common generalizations of the four different generations of workers who may be sending in their applications:

Baby Boomers

Don’t forget that baby boomers are the original Sixties Activists. Generally, they are not only comfortable with change but they are used to affecting it too. Some say the phrase “social media” and they only mean 20-somethings. When, in fact, nearly half of boomers surveyed are quite comfortable with technology. The difference is, it’s just not their sole media outlet. Therefore, social recruiting efforts may be highly effective with tech-savvy boomers as well.

Generation X

Many Xers are proud of the fact that they represent a high ratio of entrepreneurs. Even if they work for a company, you’ll likely find them mastering hard-to-fill roles. The reason? They are often more intrinsically plugged into information gathering. Which is why a streamlined onboarding system is a necessity for Xers. They often don’t mind the amount of paperwork required, but they do mind a hodge-podge approach to it.

Generation Y/Millennials

Did someone say paperwork? A collective yawn just penetrated the far reaches of space. Which is why a robust applicant tracking system is perceived as a must for most of Gen Y /Millennials. Qualified candidates may not, in fact, fill out their application completely the first time. Or, they may think of something or gain a new experience that they may feel is suddenly noteworthy. A user-friendly process may help optimize the candidate experience. For example, candidates can apply through a mobile phone, Facebook® app, and Internet browsers.

Utilizing effective, streamlined recruiting capabilities, which can be accessed through a variety of platforms to optimize the candidate experience, you can build a talent pipeline to target the best candidates for the jobs you need filled.

Learn more about our robust applicant tracking system, here!

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