What Is Your Time to Fill Average?

What is your time to Fill Average?“Time to fill” is a familiar HR phrase for the length of time it takes to fill an open position. Some executive positions may require a national or even international search to develop a pool of qualified candidates. Low-skill roles may need only a local area search.

Most employers have a recruitment model in place, but if you don’t know how long it takes to fill a position and are not using metrics to evaluate your recruitment function, how can you possibly repeat best practices and/or avoid bad ones? Every industry, every company, every position necessitates its own effective measures. There is no right or wrong answer, but using “time to fill” and other metrics to determine best practices can help you build an effective recruiting process.

A sophisticated applicant tracking system can help you log the receipt of an application from Day 1 to the final day the applicant is hired and then onboarded. Once a position is successfully filled you can go back over the records to analyze the metrics. These include:

• How many people applied for that position?

• How many people did we short-list?

• Was the new hire pulled from short-list?

The marketplace demands efficiency and the race for talent is no different. Regardless of the skill set or education level required for an open position, you still want the most qualified person filling that job.

The criteria for a qualified candidate should be coded and tracked. Applications received should be measured against these criteria to ensure you are recruiting from the appropriate areas. You can improve your recruiting process with an applicant tracking system that has a résumé-parsing functionality.  This capability will dramatically reduce data entry and résumé review time.

In addition, your social recruiting efforts can be greatly enhanced as well. A straightforward application process, which includes detailed instructions, simple screens, progress meters, section reviews, and familiar tools to submit a résumé is a must for effective social recruiting.

You may also attract passive applicants with opt-in email notifications, job-opening RSS feeds, and a recommended jobs sidebar.  Helping you fill an open position in an optimal amount of time.

Learn about the importance of the candidate experience during the hiring process and takeaway tips to improve it, here.

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