Expand Your Sourcing Horizons

Expand Your Sourcing HorizonsThe talent eco-system ranges from campus recruiting to newspaper want ads to Internet job boards, and social recruiting. There are many ways to attract and manage job applicants.

Across your diverse efforts, you want to make sure your message is consistent for two main reasons:

1. Equal opportunity – You want to make sure that it is a level playing field wherever you advertise.

2. Image protection – You want to make sure your ads are taken seriously. People who are looking for jobs tend to search in a lot of different places. And if they see your ad requesting different qualifications in different media that could send the message that you don’t have your act together.

An applicant tracking system with an administrative interface can help you configure your hiring process so that it is consistent. HR managers can develop an applicant workflow with statuses and automated emails. You can construct a job description library that can be used to create requisitions in seconds. And you can use a variety of tools to assist with compliance with record keeping requirements and other laws.

For example, you may get a candidate from an employee referral. You may want to add a checkbox for this category in your application process, especially if your company offers a cash bonus for any successful employee referral. A robust applicant tracking system can help you track who has qualified for the bonus –– which may lead to greater satisfaction for employees and an increase in the likelihood that more employees will make referrals.

You can design your online application process with multiple choice and/or text response prescreening questions. You can set up scoring capabilities, tiered sourcing data collection, voluntary applicant self-identification collection, résumé and document collection, and a comprehensive application builder.

So whether you’re searching for candidates online, in print, or though social media, you can experience stress-free recruiting using consistent job postings with requisition management and automated requisition approval.

Learn about the importance of the candidate experience during the hiring process and takeaway tips to improve it, here.

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