5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Pitch to Candidates

5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Pitch to CandidatesThe marketplace can send a lot of mixed messages. Some regions (rural) tend to have high unemployment. Tourist towns (ski, beach) tend to have plenty of jobs but they are mostly low-skill, service type positions. Other regions and/or industries are booming and can’t hire fast enough. Two that most often make the news are the IT and healthcare industries. The race for top talent is on in many sectors.

To be competitive, your company needs to “sell” its open positions to qualified candidates. Here are 5 ways to help improve your sales pitch to candidates:

1. Job title is key.

In a world of organizational charts, a functional title gives an indication of where an employee ranks in a company. For example, if a candidate was an Assistant Manager in their previous organization, a step up would be a Manager position. But if a job is phrased vaguely such as “guru,” “maven,” or “ninja,” this wordplay may not help a candidate build his/her career résumé over the long term. A robust applicant tracking system can help you filter based on job title for effective recruiting.

2. Day-to-day responsibilities need to be specific.

“Manage a team” is insufficient. Whereas “Manage a team of 5 direct reports responsible for new product development” empowers candidates to self-qualify.

3. “Years of experience” is now often paired with “demonstrated experience.”

At one time, saying you had 5 years of experience was a solid indicator of your level of knowledge. Now that the Information Age has blasted apart old paradigms of learning, “years” may be less of a watermark than “actual experience.”

4. Salary range may empower candidates and may help encourage employee referrals.

5. Your company’s differentiator in the marketplace needs to be communicated. A robust applicant tracking system lets you incorporate video to communicate your vision, values, culture, or expectations.

Learn about the importance of the candidate experience during the hiring process and takeaway tips to improve it, here.

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