Top Hiring Criteria for Any Size Company

Top Hiring Criteria for Any Size CompanySmall businesses are still the drivers of the US economy. Firms with 20 workers or less make up 89.8% of U.S. businesses. But sadly, 56% of small businesses fail within the first year.

Often times the result of those businesses failing is due to hiring being overlooked. Below are several examples of how effective hiring practices can help your company stand out regardless of it’s size:

Knowledge and innovation

If you’re looking to hire the brightest thinkers a robust applicant tracking system has the recruiting tools to maximize your reach for the best-qualified applicants. For example, social media tools can share job openings and provide one-click access to apply from LinkedIn®, Twitter®, and Facebook®. You can also have the job distributed to search engines and more than 25,000 partner sites. Network building is made possible through employee referrals and vast communication tools. On career sites, you can have branding, optimization, and accessibility through multiple web browsers and mobile devices.

Delivery of product or service

If you’re looking to hire the right management skills to keep your team members motivated. With an applicant tracking system, you want the easiest candidate experience to promote your company culture. Give job seekers the ability to apply through a mobile phone, Facebook® app, or Internet browsers. The straightforward application process includes detailed instructions, simple screens, progress meter, section reviews, and familiar tools to submit a résumé.

These tools can help you engage candidates to build relationships, as well as expand your recruiting reach to attract a diverse candidate pool. To learn more about how applicant-tracking software can help you achieve better hiring results, click here.

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