Tenacious and Tactical Hiring

Tenacious and Tactical HiringIn order to be tenacious and tactical with your applicant recruiting and hiring processes, tools and resources are essential to helping your HR admin improve their productivity levels.

Promote Your Company’s Best Features

Throughout your applicant recruiting process, it’s important to highlight your company’s best features. These can include benefits your company offers, any awards it has won and possible employee testimonials or ratings. Promoting your company’s features doesn’t just fall in the recruiting process, you can continue to do so even after a candidate has been qualified to hire. Make a great first impression on newly hired employees by eliminating the need to complete paperwork manually on their first day. By standardizing new hire paperwork, you can collect Form I-9, Form W-4, state tax withholding forms, and voluntary self-identification information. You can also collect a new hire’s acknowledgement of the employee handbook, company policies, and their application. You can track the time it takes for the new hire to complete this process to comply with wage and hour laws.

Configure Your Hiring Process

With a job description library that you can pull from, your candidates will benefit from having the most accurate and thorough job information available. An applicant tracking system has an organizational structure that is set up for easy job posting and reporting. You can develop your applicant workflow with statuses and automated emails. Through the design of your online application process, you can set up multiple choice or text response questions with scoring capabilities. There is also tiered sourcing data collection, voluntary applicant self-identification collection, résumé and document collection, and a comprehensive application builder.

Track Your Applicants

Without an applicant tracking system, it’s easy to overlook qualified candidates. Your tenacious hiring system needs applicant documentation and history that is easily reportable. You want to be able to quickly locate data with a comprehensive applicant, requisition, and résumé search functionality. With a designated workflow, you can stay connected with an Outlook® integration for contacts and appointments.

In tenacious and tactical hiring, you want the tools for tracking and compliance that facilitate your hiring process. With the ability to interact with hiring managers (using feedback tools), you can share data with colleagues through vast export, email, printing, and reporting capabilities.

To learn more about how applicant-tracking software can help you achieve better hiring results, click here.

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