2 Simple Steps to Turn A Passive Candidate into an Active One

3 Steps to Turn Passive Candidates into Active OnesThere are many individuals who would be open to taking a new position if the right opportunity came along but are not actively looking for a job. HR administrators are aware of this phenomenon all too well: passive candidates.

For many open positions there may be plenty of interested candidates but only a few apply. What keeps them from applying? Personal inertia can sometimes be overcome with effective recruiting.

Below are two simple steps to help turn passive candidates into active ones:

1. Encourage employee referrals with a simple submission portal. The best advertisers of your company culture are your present (and former) employees. A robust applicant tracking system allows applicants to update and check their application status at any time. You can incorporate videos to communicate your vision, values, culture, or expectations to build a network with your internal staff and use their referral ratings or testimonials to recruit new applicants or engage your inactive team members.

2. Promote your jobs through an internal job board listing. Although the jobs will be listed on the regular search engines and possible partner sites. You can engage your passive candidates through a company job portal so they’re aware of what is available and understand that they have options.

By creating a process that is seamless for searching, tracking and communicating, you can create a candidate-friendly experience for all candidates. To learn more about how applicant-tracking software can help you achieve better hiring results, click here.

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