What You Need to Know about Your Best Assets

What You Need to Know about Your Best AssetsOver the course of an HR manager’s career, applicants come and go. Many disqualify themselves, pulling out of the race for candidacy. A treasured few stick around for the long haul, go through the interviewing process, and sometimes do (or do not) make the final cut.

There can be a wealth of data to be derived from your application process. A robust applicant tracking system has reporting tools that you can monitor as the job posting remains open. For example in a single screen view, you can review easy-to-read bar graphs and pie charts to track:

• How many applications received

• How long has the job been open

• How many applicants progressed to the next step (e.g., initial screening interview)

• From how many sources were the applications received (social media, job boards)

You can easily interact with hiring managers using feedback tools and you can stay connected with candidates through an Outlook® integration for contacts and appointments. A universal hiring process makes it easy to maintain a designated workflow.

Once the job is filled, you can create a report for executive review. The applicant tracking system easily collects data across applications and quantifies:

• How many days to fill position

• How much did it cost to fill position

• Which application questions received the highest scores

With data collection and reporting, you can quickly locate data with comprehensive applicant, requisition, and résumé search functionality. This data can be shared with colleagues through vast export, email, printing, and reporting capabilities.

To learn more about how applicant-tracking software can help you achieve better hiring results, click here.

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