Buzzwords Are Boring –– Move Past the Robotic Descriptions

Buzzwords Are Boring –– Move Past the Robotic DescriptionsWith the race for top talent on, many companies endeavor to look innovative and cutting-edge. And use hip and trendy language such as ninja instead of focused or maven instead of motivated in job postings to avoid looking behind the times.

The result? Confusion.


When people read something that confuses them, studies show:

• 60% find jargon annoying

• 14% find jargon intimidating

Neither of these are the outcome you want to solicit with a job ad.

Writing a great job posting begins with a clear idea of the job’s role and responsibilities. A robust applicant tracking system has an administrative interface that helps you configure the hiring process and create clear job postings. For example, you can set up an organizational structure for easy job posting reporting. Within that structure, you can construct a job description library that can be used to quickly create requisitions.

You can create a universal hiring process with a designated workflow. This will help you interact with hiring managers using feedback tools. Social media tools can help you share job openings and provide one-click access to apply from LinkedIn®, Twitter®, and Facebook® –– and also provide candidates with one-click access to apply. You can also distribute the job posting to search engines and more than 25,000 partner sites, such as Glassdoor®, Indeed®, Simply Hired® and Trovit®.

The goal, after all, is not to wow candidates with wizardry. Rather, you seek to engage with candidates to build relationships. By expanding your recruiting reach –– among network building, social media, job distribution, and career sites –– you can help strengthen your employment brand and culture. An applicant tracking system ensures a seamless process for the candidate and integrated searching, tracking, and communicating for HR managers.

Incorporate usability techniques into your online application process with these tips.

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