Weeding through Resumes

Weeding through ResumesDoes it still surprise when you see “Email your résumé” on some job postings?

If so, you’re not alone. In many cases this is due to the fact that companies have yet to make the switch from their internal manual hiring process to an automated one. The whole point of automating your applicant recruiting and tracking process is to increase productivity and easily identify a qualified candidate.

A comprehensive applicant tracking system can parse data and you can set the rules on how the résumés will be analyzed.

For example, you can have a keyword match to your job description. If you’re looking for someone who has experience with scheduling and logistics, the system can automatically search for those common terms. The system can then prioritize those résumés with the most keyword matches. An automated search functionality reduces data entry error when your HR teams are dealing with hundreds of résumés.

Also, with an expanded search, you will want to keep track of where the résumés are coming from. For example, an applicant tracking system makes note of which résumés came from social media, job positing sites, and offline recruiting such as a newspaper want ad.

When the position is successfully filled, this type of information can help you analyze what went right (or needs improving) in the hiring process. You can quickly locate data and create reports evaluating trends and applicant workflows.

Incorporate usability techniques into your online application process with these tips.

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