How Technology Can Positively Influence HR

How Technology Can Positively Influence HRLet’s begin with the simple reminder that technology is merely the application of knowledge for a practical purpose. The creation of the wheel? A club to knock the saber-toothed tiger’s head? Those are two examples of technologies.

But what has rocketed humankind into the Information Age is the advancement of digital technologies. This is the scientific ability to code content (words, pictures, video) into bits and bytes – and therefore search them quickly or reuse them in whole new ways.

An example of this specifically related to HR Technology is an applicant tracking system. A piece of paper (a job application, a résumé) relies upon the mental processing power of a person to make it dynamic. John’s application is only good if Jane (the reviewer) thinks it so. If Jane forgets all about the application, well then that opportunity is lost for John. Data storage and retrieval may be the biggest boon to hit HR since the invention of the want ad. That’s because non-hire applications can be a gold mine of information.

Using the analysis and reporting capabilities of an applicant tracking system, you can sift through old applications to identify trends, such as:

• How many applications didn’t match the job descriptions

• How many applications came in within 24 hours of posting

Also, the easy sharing of information empowers HR and hiring managers to work together and make faster, informed decisions to benefit the business. For example, an automated workflow moves the application along a predetermined line of reviewers. If at any time an application is rejected or commented upon, that audit trail is clearly captured to assist with record keeping requirements.

To learn more about how applicant-tracking software can help you achieve better hiring results, click here.

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