How Applicant-Tracking Can Assist With Your HR Needs

How Applicant-Tracking Can Assist With Your HR NeedsOften, the first thing you’ll hear from the HR organization is that they are there to support the business. And that’s a great mission. Because recruiting top talent today is a competitive differentiator.

Looking at your HR department’s needs, you’ll want to empower them with an applicant tracking system. This will include the recruiting tools to maximize your company’s reach. Take, for example, social media tools. You may want to share job openings and provide one-click access that allows individuals to apply from popular networks such as LinkedIn®, Twitter® and Facebook®.

Then you’ll want to make sure the system has the administrative interface that helps configure the hiring process. This means setting up an organizational structure for easy job posting and reporting, and constructing a job description library that can be used to create requisitions in seconds.

It is key to make the online application process as user-friendly as possible for the candidate. You want clear, simple screens with a progress bar and review section. For your HR team, you want the application to be easily configured to meet your recruiting needs and for data to be easily shared with hiring managers.

To learn more about how applicant-tracking software can help you achieve better hiring results, click here.

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