Flexible and Scalable Onboarding

Flexible and Scalable Onboarding An important way that organizations can improve the effectiveness of their employee management system is through onboarding. Onboarding is the process of helping new hires adjust to their new job quickly and smoothly.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management an effective onboarding system should follow the appropriate foundation of the ‘Four C’s’, these are: Compliance, Clarification, Culture and Connection.

A flexible and scalable onboarding software system can help your HR Team effectively onboard a new hire by connecting them to:

  1. Company information such like your employee handbook, policy guidelines, employer obligations and employee rights.
  1. Any forms you may need them to fill out such as the FormI-9 , IRS W-4 Form, state withholding tax forms, direct deposit authorization form, and a voluntary self-identification form.
  1. The initial introduction process with a welcome letter and video so that the new hire is able to become familiar with the company culture.

New hire information should  be entered and submitted onto a secure, encrypted site with dual authentication.  With an easy “save and exit” feature, the new hire should be able to return to the documents at any time. Giving them the flexibility to grab any documentation that is required.

This in turn can help make the new hire feel welcome, secure and confident with their transition into the new role. By creating a seamless onboarding process, your HR Team can streamline the new hire’s information accurately and efficiently.

To learn more about how onboarding software can give you the flexibility your HR Team needs, click here.

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